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Can I purchase a Red Squirrel Dublin gift card for someone else?

Of course! You choose who gets the gift card. You can purchase theme here: https://www.redsquirreldublin.ie/gift-cards

Can customers use their gift cards partially until the balance is zero?

No. It has to be used in full in one transaction.

Why buy Red Squirrel Dublin products?

All Red Squirrel Dublin products are hand made in Dublin. Each item is hand crafted with great care using high quality materials.

What are bandanas good for?

Bandanas are not just a fashion statement. Yes, they can help your pet show off their personality but they can also help to keep your pet nice and cool during summer! All you need to do is soak the bandana in cold water and put it on your pet. A nice, cool bandana is just what the doctor ordered on a hot day or after exercise! Most bandanas are made from 100% cotton (except the ones with minky fleece backing), are very absorbent and may take a while to dry. All bandanas are machine washable. Ideally at 30 degrees. They can also be ironed on a medium setting.

What bandana size should I get?

All bandanas come in 8 sizes, they slip over the collar that your pet already has.

Available in regular and wide collar fit.

Regular fit sizes:

Wide collar bandanas have a wider collar opening and are bit longer than the regular fit. There are 4 sizes available:

Below you can see picture showing differences between sizes. If you have any questions, get in touch with us!

What are snoods for?

Sighthounds have very little body fat and most are more than happy to wear clothes to keep them nice and warm during cold weather. Believe me if I tell you that sighthounds love snoods! Tiger was bit unsure at first, but once we got out on a windy and miserable day she was more than happy to keep her neck, head and ears warm and dry!

Snoods are a great addition to jackets and jumpers just to keep your sighthound extra snug in cold weather. All snoods are made from polar fleece, are machine washable and dry very quick! They don’t crease, so there’s no need to iron them.

Pyjamas for dogs? What’s that about?

Have you ever noticed your dog burying his/her nose under their tail and curling up in a tight ball? It means that your pup is cold! Pyjamas are the perfect solution. Sure, you could use a blanket, but each time your dog moves the blanket can slide off. Pyjamas are like a wearable blanket. They’re made from soft polar fleece. They have a high neck and cover the chest area, but leave belly and bum exposed so there's no need to remove them for going to the toilet. They can be machine washed, but avoid using fabric softener and bleach. Polar fleece dries in no time!

What’s a martingale collar?

Martingale collars fit loosely on a dog’s neck but tighten when necessary. Perfect for all escape artists! Your dog will be unable to slip out of this collar when properly fitted. Martingale collars are especially safe for dogs with narrower heads such as whippets, shelties and greyhounds, as these dogs often have an easier time slipping out of regular collars.

Each collar has two loops. The first looks like a traditional nylon collar that is adjustable and hangs around the dog’s neck. The second is for control when the leash is attached. When the dog pulls, the collar tightens and will stay snug around the dog’s neck without choking the dog. When the tension is released, the collar loosens again.

The martingale collar tightens slightly if the dog pulls on the leash, but not so much where it will choke the dog or harm his neck in any way. If you prefer to gently tug on your dog’s leash while working on leash manners, the martingale is a nice option.

Dogs that are still learning good leash manners are also more likely to pull or try to twist out of their collars when they see other dogs and other distractions. As mentioned above, the martingale collar is a good tool to prevent your dog from slipping out of his collar.

How to fit a martingale collar?

Proper fitting of a martingale collar is needed to prevent your dog from slipping out of the collar and possibly injuring himself. Slip the martingale collar over the dog’s neck. Pull it up to the narrowest part of the neck, which is right behind the dog’s ears. Pull up on the smaller control loop where the D-ring is attached. The two metal slides should come together but not touch each other. If they do, the collar is too loose and needs to be adjusted. There should be a two finger distance between the two slides. When properly adjusted, it will ensure that the collar will tighten properly when pulled. Since all collars present the possibility of choking, you should never tie up your dog outside while wearing a martingale style collar.

Have you got more questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me through this website, social media or email [email protected]