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Sighthound dinosaur pyjamas

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These funky pyjamas will keep your sighthound warm and snug this winter! Made with love from soft polar fleece. It can be washed in a washing machine at low temperatures, but avoid bleach and fabric softener.

This lovely onesie has a high neck and covers the chest area, but leaves the belly and bum exposed, so there's no need to remove it for going to the toilet.

Each cuff is elasticated for your noodle's comfort.

If you'd like to choose your spike colour, please specify it while placing your order. You can pick any colour listed in the colour options picture. If no colour is requested, I'll select contrasting colour that will suit your main colour.

Please note actual colours may vary. It's important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your screen. This is due to the fact that every screen has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently.

Onesies come in 6 sizes - please measure your dog to make sure the correct size is ordered. If you're unsure which size to get, please get in touch with me.
Please note that these pyjamas are loose fit, so if your dog is “between” sizes order a larger one for their comfort.

Back: 61-64 cm (24-25 inches)
Chest: 64-69 cm (25-27 inches)
Neck: 30-33 cm (12-13 inches)

Back: 64-66 cm (25-26 inches)
Chest: 66-71 cm (26-28 inches)
Neck: 33-36 cm (13-14 inches)

Back: 66-69 cm (26-27 inches)
Chest: 69-74 cm (27-29 inches)
Neck: 36-38 cm (14-15 inches)

Back: 69-71 cm (27-28 inches)
Chest: 72-77 cm (28-30 inches)
Neck: 38-41 cm (15-16 inches)

Back: 71-74 cm (28-29 inches)
Chest: 74-79 cm (29-31 inches)
Neck: 41-43 cm (16-17 inches)

Back: 74-76 cm (29-30 inches)
Chest: 77-82 cm (30-32 inches)
Neck: 43-46 cm (17-18 inches)

How to measure?
First if all, your doggy needs to stand up. If you take measurements while he or she is sitting or laying down, they won't be correct. Please refer to the diagram.
Back: from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
Chest: behind the front legs, around the deepest part of the chest.
Neck: around the neck, where collar would sit.

Please bear in mind that item is hand made to order (including standard sizes) and it takes up to 14 working days to complete the order. Next day delivery won't apply to this item.