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Figure 8 harness

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This figure 8 harness is perfect for cats, puppies and miniature dog breeds (e.g. Chihuahua/Yorkshire terrier). It makes it harder for your pet to wiggle out of, and it's very easy to fit!

To work out the right size, use a tailor's tape, a piece of string or a shoelace. Anything will do! Wrap it around your pet's neck and chest in figure 8 as shown on the diagram.

Harnesses are made from 1cm wide nylon webbing which is hard wearing and fast drying. There is a metal D ring for lead attachment located at the top of the harness and a plastic side release buckle for your convenience. Harnesses are adjustable for your pet's comfort, and come in two sizes and various colours to match your style.

To fit the harness, open the side release buckle, lengthen the strap, place the existing loop over your pet's head, wrap the loose strap around your pet's chest and make any adjustments after closing the buckle. Remember that the harness should fit snugly, but make sure your pet has enough space to breathe comfortably. You should be able to fit two fingers between your pet and the harness. The D ring should be sitting on your pet's back.

Although we do our best to make sure that the colours displayed on our website are accurate, the actual colours may vary.

XS - length from 34cm to 60cm
S - length up to 80cm

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.